International Freight Forwarding Company

Simplify and consolidate your logistics with a reliable freight forwarding partner.

Move anything by land, water, or air — safely and quickly. Current International will keep you in the loop throughout the process to give you peace of mind.

Built To Exceed Expectations

Current International is a unique freight forwarding company that is built to exceed expectations. Our company is agile, young, and always looking for new ways to grow. We operate from a culture of respect, honing teamwork from our employees and relief from our partners as they feel valued and understood.

Unlike other international freight forwarding companies, Current seeks deep partnerships instead of a wide customer base. As a Current partner, you will be elated by what we accomplish together through trust and a track-record of jobs well done. You’ll never want to go back to business before Current. We’ll get your products safely from A to B and keep you smiling the whole way.

Areas of Expertise

  • On-site inspection and quality control in the country of origin
  • Assistance in sourcing manufacturing
  • Honest freight quotes for container shipping (full container shipping or half container shipping)
  • Real-time tracking
  • Premier communications and timing
  • Compliance with all industry regulations
  • Completion of documentation and reporting
  • High-quality client care

Air Freight Forwarding

Current International air transit services facilitate the quick and secure transportation of high-value goods around the globe.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Ocean freight is a cost-effective, flexible way to transport your goods. We can handle everything from small cargo to oversized shipments requiring special handling.

Warehousing & Distribution

Our strategically centralized facilities and effective management help you stay competitive, meet customer demands, and optimize your supply chain for success.

Specialty Services

We develop custom solutions for all kinds of complex freight challenges, including customs clearance, business relocation, packing and crating, and vehicle transport.

Our Promise

For too long, business professionals have endured the frustrations of managing international logistics. The cost of going global has come with the expectation of poor quality control, missed timelines, slow responses, and mismatched freight estimates. We’ve been there, and we were inspired to create a solution. Our comprehensive, flexible, and customized services make your life easier; our honest quotes, responsive communication, and agile processes give you peace of mind.

When the desire for quality control and client care met the industry network and know-how, Current International Freight was born. Together, our team of managing partners have over 60 years of combined experience in logistics, manufacturing, quality control, and freight forwarding. We promise to provide you with exceptional service as we move your products globally, with the same care we would show our own.

Shipped artifacts to Europe from a closing mid-sized museum in the heart of the USA

Delivered required machines and tools to Nigeria for building wells in remote villages

Imported globally sourced furniture, fixtures, and custom doors and windows for a Floridian hotel

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