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As a full-service international freight forwarding and shipping company, Current International services provide freight transportation of goods around the globe via air, ocean and specialty shipping services.

We represent you every step of the way and protect your cargo and goods throughout the entire process. We do this by targeting your specific shipping requirements and customize our services to provide you with everything you want in a cargo forwarding and shipping company, whether by worldwide air, sea or warehouse distribution. With longstanding relationships with airlines, brokers, and partner freight agents, we can handle everything from same-day shipping for urgently-needed supplies to transporting oversized specialized cargo and materials that require special handling.

And, of course, Current’s air and ocean freight forwarding services include a high level of security to reduce your shipment’s exposure to theft and damage.

Whether you are moving full freight containers, truckloads, or other cargo in between, Current will work with you to develop a solution that best meets your unique needs.

Because we know we aren’t just delivering goods, we deliver success.

We’ll move anything, anywhere by land, water, or air to safely deliver your product and keep you happy throughout.

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  • On-site inspection and quality control in the country of origin
  • Assistance in sourcing manufacturing
  • Honest freight quotes for container shipping (full container shipping or half container shipping)
  • Real-time tracking
  • Premier communications and timing
  • Compliance with all industry regulations
  • Completion of documentation and reporting
  • High-quality client care

Cargo Forwarding & Container Shipping Experience

Current International freight shipping has over 60 years experience in logistics, warehousing, quality control and freight forwarding across the globe by air and ocean. When the desire for quality control and client care met the industry network and know-how, Current International Freight was born. Our combined multi-talented team of managing partners has decades experience in every step of the process from shipping to warehousing to customs clearance and specialty services such as vehicle transport or relocation. We promise to always provide exceptional service as we move your products globally, with the same care we would show our own goods and cargo shipments.

Shipping Compliance

Experienced, licensed freight forwarders reduce the risk of delays and product loss by completing every shipping requirement, from packing containers to submitting customs declarations.

To complete deliveries, freight shippers must work inside all international laws and procedures, including import and export restrictions, and clearing customs. Mistakes on a single document can lead to fines and seizure of the goods derailing your entire shipment.

Cargo Security

Licensed freight forwarders work with the right packaging and containers to protect your goods from damage or theft. They prescreen the third parties transporting the goods, which reduces the likelihood of any security-related issues with your cargo.

Importers are also responsible for ensuring that cargo shipped under their authority is kept secure while in transit and that the documentation accurately describes the goods. Failure to comply can result in fines as well as seizure and destruction of your shipment.

Trusted Experience

Licensed forwarders and carriers understand the changing nature of ocean and air freight. They can anticipate—and then avoid—delays due to weather, port labor issues, or other concerns to get your goods to their destination as fast as possible.

While stories of lost shipments are mostly anecdotal, the reality is that the wrong container can damage your cargo. Not understanding how shipment and freight forwarding works—throughout the entire process—can result in loss or delays in your product’s eventual arrival.

Cost Efficient Transport

Experienced, licensed international freight forwarders can track the progress of your goods and eliminate downtime or delays. Trusted experienced partners can facilitate smaller shipments by combining sea and air transport with other less-than-container loads.

Without experienced international forwarders, shippers are in the dark when it comes to choosing the right shipping container. They’re also left to decide on their own which vendors are reliable and what other exporters they can trust to share their container.

International Cargo Shipment and Transport of All Types

Whether you’re going by air cargo, ocean freight shipping, both, or perhaps simply needing warehouse fulfillment and third party logistics, Current International freight shipping company has you covered.

Ocean containers and shipping cargo can look all the same, but there can be major differences, each with different specifications for different types of goods, such as general purpose, liquid containers, smaller specialized sizes and other options to cover all types of shipping needs.

Air freight cargo is often used for “special cargo” such as perishable goods, hazard materials, time sensitive cargo, pharmaceuticals, or even live animals and livestock. Air freight is much better suited for this type of shipment than other forwarding processes due to many advantages, including temperature control and digitally-controlled climate features.

Some companies also need warehousing storage fulfillment, distribution and third party logistics to hold and transport cargo for longer periods of time. Partnering with a 3PL (third party logistics) warehouse company has many advantages that can give you a competitive edge, and Current International has extensive knowledge in the complexities of supply chain management and industry best practices from decades in working with strategic insights in manufacturing, prototyping, shipping, warehousing, packaging & distribution.

Full-service shipping companies will also be able to flexibly adjust to whatever your company needs and when it needs it, this includes any shipping challenge from customs clearance, insurance, packing & crating, international relocation, vehicle transport and shipping, and just about every other type of specialized shipping service required for the job. We’ll get it done.

Licensed, experienced international freight forwarders will be able to cater to all types of shipments and transport and warehousing, and have extensive knowledge to either provide or suggest the best types of cargo, containers, transportation and shipments by land, air or sea.

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