Ocean Freight

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For international cargo transport, ocean freight typically offers the lowest cost and lightest carbon footprint. Compared to air transit, ocean freight shipping can generate a cost savings of up to 83%. While certainly not the fastest mode of transportation, this process is ideal for transporting bulky cargo, even breakbulk or Not in Trailer (NIT) loads, hazardous materials, or products with non-urgent delivery schedules. Storage onboard a cargo vessel is very flexible. Often, small shipments are grouped with other cargo to fill a container, allowing for cost-sharing of the transportation services while larger cargo can fill multiple containers at unmatched bulk options.

Regardless of your needs for moving oversized shipments, partial containers, truckloads, or urgent supplies, Current will work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs and makes you successful.

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I have been importing products to sell for years, relying on mega cargo shipping companies and smaller, family-owned businesses as international carriers. No matter who managed my freight, it was always the same: below average service and almost no communication. The time I spent chasing down my shipments and resubmitting paperwork amounted to its own part-time job.

Current International Freight was different from the start. My first call was answered by a person—no waiting through a phone tree. They were interested in my situation and dedicated to helping me. Even before I decided to work with them, Current made suggestions for streamlining my process. After years of searching, I was relieved to find a reliable freight forwarder. I would recommend Current to anyone needing a global shipping company!”

Ocean Freight

Over the past decade, maritime safety measures have increased to manage a wide range of cargo safely and securely. Containers are designed to be sealed and locked during transportation to ensure the safety of the vessel, crew, cargo, and environment. Because of Current’s relationships with each of the Vessel-Operating Common Carriers, shipping lines, and other forwarders, you will not only receive our hallmark customer service, but also options for the best shipping routes and transit times.

Low cost of transit
Most carbon-efficient mode of transportation
Flexibility in shipping full containers or partial containers
Capacity for large, bulky cargo
Capacity for hazardous or dangerous materials

Container maximum weights:
20′ dry container 39,500 lbs. (17.92 MT)
40′ dry container 44,500 lbs. (20.19 MT)
45′ dry container 42,000 lbs. (19.05 MT)
20′ reefer container 36,500 lbs. (16.56 MT)
40′ reefer container 41,500 lbs. (18.82 MT)
Container internal dimensions:
20’ SD: 19’6” L x 7’8” W x 7’9” H (capacity: 1250 CFT)
40’ SD: 39’5” L x 7’8” W x 7’9” H (capacity: 2434 CFT)
40’ HQ: 39’5” L x 7’8” W x 8’10” H (capacity: 2495 CFT)
Consolidated ocean cargo (for less than a container load):
Ocean freight minimum: 1 cubic meter = 48” x 42” x 30”
Standard pallet sizes:
48” x 40” / 1.2192 M x 1.016 M
(Standard Pallet USA /Heat Treated
or Non-Heat Treated)
47.24” x 39.37” / 1.2 M x 1.0 M ( Standard Pallet UK )
47.24” x 31.49” / 1.2 M x .08 M (Standard Euro Pallet)


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